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CPSN continues to expand our team of dedicated staff members, and now, more than ever, we embrace staff with lived experience and the unique insight they can offer. Meet Alex, one of our Client Liaison Coordinator with cerebral palsy.

Alex's lived experience with cerebral palsy means that she uses her role to build meaningful connections with participants and ensure they connect with the right support workers for them. Alex chats to us about her role as a CPSN Client Liaison Coordinator.

Here is a video Interview of Alex talking about her role as a Client Liaison Coordinator in the Innovative Choices Program.

How would you describe your role with CPSN?

As a Customer Liaison Coordinator, I assist clients with recruiting and onboarding their chosen support workers and help them get the best out of the Innovative Choices program.

What's been your biggest accomplishment in your role to date?

In my initial few months at CPSN, I have been able to get to know clients across the organisation to ensure I am providing the best for their programs. My biggest accomplishment to date has been reducing the stress and burdens of recruiting a support worker. It's the kind of thing that comes with a lot of paperwork, and people can feel overwhelmed by that process alone.

Many of our support workers need to get all their compliance documentation up to date, and this is where I can come in and significantly reduce their stress by taking care of this task. It gives our employees time to focus on the participant, because that's what matters most.

How can NDIS recipient's make sure they get the most out of their funding?

NDIS recipients can get the most out of their funding by understanding how support workers can help them. Support workers can assist with many different tasks, including personal care, transport, help around the house and shopping. However, many people are hesitant to use lots of hours with support workers, which is a shame because it's a great way to use your funding.

That way, not only are you getting the help you need; you're also making sure that you use all your funds by the time your plan is up for review. In short, make sure you have one or more good support workers assisting you regularly.

Many people feel overwhelmed when recruiting support workers. What's the best advice you can offer to clients who are looking for support workers?

At CPSN, we can help clients find support workers in a couple of different ways.  If you already know someone you would like to work with, we can make them part of your support worker team.  However, if you don't, we can also help you find a support worker from our extensive network.

My advice is to get a support worker that has similar interests and hobbies. Recruiting someone you can relate to can make it a fun experience.

Why do you think support workers are so crucial?

Support workers help clients with various tasks to assist in their everyday lives. They also help increase client's independence and achieve their goals. I think allowing people with disabilities to choose someone they feel comfortable working with is an empowering thing.

Partner with the cerebral palsy specialists and choose your own support workers.

CPSN’s Innovative Choices program allows you to choose your own support worker while we help you manage their employment.

For more information, call 1300 277 600 and speak with our friendly team or via email:
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