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Automate your life: NFC medication tracker

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

AI and automation are current buzzwords and there's a lot of talk about how it will affect people both positively and negatively. The recently-ended SAG-AFTRA strikes in Hollywood have helped to keep AI in the news, as discussions about the use of AI in the arts and the ethics thereof waged.

With all this buzz around AI at the moment, you would be forgiven for thinking it is all doom and gloom, but in some cases, AI and automation can help us rather than hinder us.

Many of us own a smart device - a phone that these days holds more technology than that of NASA’s first space mission. Phones have gone from the classic landline to a device we can carry around and fit in our pocket, but we can also use these devices to automate some aspects of our lives.

In this month's video, I show you how I use NFC (Near Field Communication) to get my phone to mark that I have taken my medication for the day. So let's dive into how you can set this up for yourself.

  1. Search for and select Routines and New Routine

  2. Select “NFC tagged” as a trigger and set up your tag by following the on-device prompts

  3. In “Then” click Notifications, then “Show custom notification” and type what you want your notification to say and save

  4. Click “Open an app or do app action” and select “Create event” under calendar and fill in the details

Note: This is shown on an Android device. This hack can also be used on an Apple device by using the shortcuts feature. Steps may vary based on phone OS/model

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