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Updated: Sep 5, 2023

2023 brings new monthly Disability Lifehacks videos, so be sure to keep an eye out for our special summer edition videos. We also have the end of our productivity series, designed to help you hack your brain into becoming more productive. The lifehacks shared in the last few months focused on getting your brain kickstarted into gear and ready to focus. Forgotten some of the lifehacks that we’ve shared so far? We break down the first six episodes of Lifehacks here: Ep 1. Google tab saver

Whether you’re studying or working, tab organisation is a must to help you keep on track. If you are anything like me, you will have at least 20 different tabs open at one time on entirely different subjects.

Tab organisation extensions can organise that chaos by colour-coding your tabs into different topics. Tab organisation tools also help you keep track of those crucial tabs you use all the time, so if you are presenting, you know precisely which tab you need to share. This feature is built into both Chrome and Edge internet explorers. Ep 2. How I stop Coffee spillage

You may be asking; how does this episode relate to productivity? Well, coffee for most people is the fuel they need to start working like petrol is for cars. Melbourne has a huge coffee culture, and many people, myself included, enjoy a cup or two in the morning. That's why keep cups are so handy; not only do they help you do your part for the environment, but some also can have some convenient features. Frank Green, among other brands, has a coffee cup with a lockable lid to help prevent spills from bumps from your journey. No matter if you are on your morning commute on the train or simply walking between the kitchen and your home office, lock the lid, and you can stop those nasty spills from happening. You can view the full Frank Green range on their website. Ep 3. Physical vs Digital notes

There are two main ways to take notes: physical or digital notetaking on a tablet or laptop. Each method has its pros and cons, Digital notetaking, while convenient, can be distracting as you have access to the internet. Traditional notetaking with pen and paper helps you memorize the information as you have to summarise it as you write mentally.

Plus, actually writing the notes and forming the letters on paper can help you recall the information later. Lately, a third option has been emerging, which merges the two options. You get the benefits of traditional handwriting bundled together with the convenience of technology. Paper tablets, as some companies call them, let you manipulate your handwriting and convert writing into text so you can easily edit and search. Ep 4. The Pomodoro technique

This technique is a way to break up time spent on a task. This is done by chunking the task into 30-minute chunks followed by a 10-minute break, and if you repeat this three times, you have done the Pomodoro technique. Times can be changed to suit individual tasks, and the rest can be forfeited if you are on a roll; the most important thing is staying focused.

You can get special timers to help time for this technique use any timer lying around or special Pomodoro apps. The focus app mentioned in this video is forest Forest - Stay focused, be present ( Ep 5.  The power of smells in productivity

Your productivity can be influenced by everything around you… even what you can smell! The Olfactory nerve, which is a passageway in your nose, links directly to the brain and can influence your mood. Using smelling oils and infusers can improve the scent of your workspace, and this can, in turn, boost your productivity. Ep 6. Music and productivity

Just like the above, what we hear can also influence our mood. Studies have shown that listening to unfamiliar music with no lyrics can boost our productivity. If you need to listen to your favourite artist, why not try and find an instrumental version of your favourite song? Listen to CPSN’s top 10 picks of their favourite tunes here: Spotify – Innovative Choices top 10 picks Spotify – Member Services top 10 picks Enjoyed these lifehacks and wondering how you can lifehack your own future? Why not visit to find out ways we can best help support you in 2023? You might even find a life hack of your own! Production made possible with the assistance of My CP Guide - My CP Guide is an online resource that provides credible information on cerebral palsy from early diagnosis, therapies, interventions, and support services across the life course. visit their website to learn more

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