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Using NFC to create an ‘About me’ card.

In this month's episode of Disability Lifehacks, we dived into another use case for NFC. I showed you how to create a card I am calling an 'About me' card.

For those unfamiliar with NFC, it stands for Near Field Communication and is a technology that allows for short-range wireless communication between devices, commonly found in modern smartphones. This is how we can tap to pay with our phones or use Myki at train stations. 

As shown in this month's lifehack we can use an 'About me' card for multiple scenarios, not just specific to disability.

You could have it set to a Linktree and use it to show a bunch of links, or you could even create a free online business card to tap your card at networking events.

So, how do we create this card? 


These NFC cards are available from your favourite shopping website/retailer.


Note: This is done on an Android device. This hack can also be used on an Apple device, however, for the purposes of this article the Android steps will be given. Steps may vary based on phone OS/model. 



  1. Download and open “NFC Tools” on your mobile device, select Write and then Add a record

  2. Select URL / URI and follow the onscreen prompts to enter a link and click OK. You can input any link on the web that you feel fit or use this handy guide to set up your own Linktree

  3. Click Write and tap your tag on the back of your phone.

  4. Once complete you now have your very own programable card which you can write and rewrite 

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