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Our news feeds get infiltrated every day with ever-evolving assistive tech gadgets and artificial intelligence software; we cannot always keep up. So, we ask Josh, our Customer Service and Administration Officer, for his tips on staying up to date with the latest technologies and apps and what he hopes to achieve with his new Disability Lifehack series.


Some of the most frequent questions we get asked at CPSN often start with “how can we” or “do you have any tips”. As a CPSN team, we thought it might be good to provide these tips in a short video series called Disability Lifehacks.

We will be focusing on productivity for the first series, which we hope our members will find useful in their everyday lives. From life hacks relating to technology and keeping your internet library organised, exploring the best techniques and methods to maximise our productivity and manage tasks. This series is inspired by some of the hurdles and techniques I have encountered in my experience of graduating from university and entering the workforce.

You can view the teaser video with the first episode airing on our social media channels soon. Each episode will be a quick life hack that we hope you can use straight away in your everyday life, with some extended lifehacks going further in-depth on certain topics.

I love being a tech whiz and enjoy sharing my eclectic knowledge with the CPSN community at any given opportunity. Here are my three top tips for people with disabilities to be more innovative with technology in their everyday lives.

1. Technology is your friend!

From setting alarms to checking train timetables, I always have a fully charged phone whenever I leave the house.

2. The future is automated

What tasks do you do every day that you can set and forget about? Do you set the alarm every night? Why not set it for all weekdays, so you only have to set it once? This can work for medication reminders or calendar events, so you do not miss that event that you are looking forward to.

3. Google isn’t Evil

Google’s motto used to be “Don’t be evil”. While times may be changing, which may not be the motto we all know, it doesn’t mean that Google can’t be your friend! If you have a question, legend has it that many other people are wondering that same thing… and where can you try and find the answer? Google, or even better, by watching Disability Lifehacks.

CPSN members should keep an eye on their inbox for the monthly What's the Buzz newsletter to find the latest episode (which you are most likely reading right now). You can also stay tuned to our CPSN social media channels to keep updated with everything Disability Lifehacks offers.


Interested to connect with Josh?

Josh is CPSN’s Customer Service and Administration Officer. If you have any questions for Josh, or would like to recommend a life hack, you can contact him on 9478 1001 or email

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