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We welcome Josh Daniel to CPSN as our new Customer Service and Administration Officer. The 24-year-old is now the third member of our Membership Services team. Josh joins Nick and Natalie, who all bring their added individual insight and lived experiences of cerebral palsy to their customer facing roles.

This month, we sat down with Josh to see how his first few months working at CPSN have been.

What’s been your biggest accomplishment at CPSN so far? 

While I have only been with CPSN for a little while, I have enjoyed having conversations and relating to people over the phone. As I have lived experience with cerebral palsy, I often find that I can relate and empathise with their journey, as sometimes it is quite like my own experience. Having lived experience creates more meaningful conversations, and I feel that we have learned something new at the end of each call.

What’s it been like to work alongside Nick and Natalie, who also have cerebral palsy? 

Working in a team where my co-workers have cerebral palsy is fantastic.  Everyone in the team gets it, and we are all here for one reason - to strive for a better world for people with cerebral palsy. If you ring CPSN, the first person you speak to can relate to your experiences, and I think that is really invaluable.

Have you learned something new about cerebral palsy since joining CPSN?   

I had not heard of Frame Running (or Race Running) before, which I think is a fantastic sport and activity for people with cerebral palsy. I remember how ecstatic I was when I first got a modified bike and rode one, and I’m so glad others can have the same experience.

Who can members talk to if they’re seeking more information on COVID vaccines?

For COVID vaccine advice, it is always best to speak to a qualified health professional. At CPSN, we have Amy our telehealth nurse who is available to assist you with any COVID or medical related enquires. You can contact Amy on 9478 1001 or by emailing

How can CPSN members get the most out of their member benefits?

You can keep up to date by reading our free monthly member newsletter, What’s the Buzz, as we share all kinds of news there, from articles about cerebral palsy, events, and new services. We also run our free, members-only online support groups on Facebook, which I encourage members to join. The support groups provide a supportive community environment to connect with like-minded people.

Do you have a question for Josh or one of the other Membership Services superstars? Contact CPSN on Facebook or
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